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ECU – Electronic Control Unit


The electronic control unit (ECU) of the engine sometimes called the engine control unit is certainly the most important part of the car (engine) to tuners. Cars these days have many ECU’s, besides the engine control unit, cars with an automatic transmission have a transmission control unit and some cars have a separate body control unit. Sometimes the functions of these ECUs are combined in one. All ECUs are connected to a CAN bus. This is a network inside the car which connects all the electronic control units, sensors and actuators.

Controlling combustion



Engine ECU software

The ECU from the engine runs software which controls the main aspects of the engine operation and adjusting this software can provide serious improvements. However, the adjustments need to be thoroughly tested and developed by experts in order to provide safety for the car parts as well as the passengers.


ECUFILES Petrol Tuning Strategy:

First, we modify the lambda maps and make sure the mixture in all air loads and full rpm range is perfect. During development, we compare data logs and dyno run of original engine to the modified engine and check if our commands are made correct, if not we modify until the lambda is perfect. In some cases, it is needed to rework the fuel maps to make sure requested and actual lambda match




Then we modify the request of torque and air load in the pedal maps.
After that torque and air load limiters for component protection are increased… READ MORE

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