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Price list

This price list can be changed without notice! Please go into your account, go to Buy Credits and click ‘View pricelist’ for the latest version.


Fileservice typeProductCredits
Individual fileserviceStage 1 tuning file for original parts (cars, motorbikes) 1998 – 2002*59
Individual fileserviceStage 1 tuning file for original parts (cars, motorbikes) 2003 – 2012*69
Individual fileserviceStage 1 tuning file for original parts (cars, motorbikes) 2013 – up to now*89
Individual fileserviceStage 2 tuning file for modification inlet/outlet (example: intercooler, sportcat)95
Individual fileserviceStage 3 BASE tuning file for modification compressor-ratio (example: bigger turbo)195
Individual fileserviceFinetuning of base file59
Individual fileserviceTorquemonitoring off patch*59
Individual fileserviceAdblue off – SRC off*59
Individual fileserviceDPF off – FAP off*59
Individual fileserviceEGR off – AGR off*59
Individual fileserviceDTC off*59
Individual fileserviceSwirl flaps off – drall klappen abschaltung*59
Individual fileserviceNOX off*59
Individual fileserviceO2-lambda sensor after catalyst off*59
Individual fileserviceVMAX speedlimit on/off higher/lower*59
Individual fileserviceCombined files (special price)99
Individual fileserviceREV/RPM limit higher/lower *59
Individual fileserviceGearbox tuning120
Individual fileserviceCamshaft tuning120
Individual fileserviceExhaust flap control80
Individual fileserviceNLS – No Lift Shift80
Individual fileservicePops and bangs80
Individual fileserviceHardcut limiter80
Individual fileserviceLaunchcontrol code150
Individual fileserviceSportbutton on/off*59
Individual fileserviceAgri & Truck & Boat tuning files99
Individual fileserviceStart/Stop off *59
Individual fileserviceECO tuning89
Individual fileserviceProblem solving80
Individual fileservicerace-rally-dragstrip competition modificationson request
Individual fileserviceE85 or other special fuels modification180
Individual fileserviceMachine engine modificationson request
Individual fileserviceLambda request modification80
Individual fileserviceIgnition modification for RON/MON/AKI or Gas80
Individual fileserviceOriginal file19
Individual fileserviceConvert readout file to Original file50
Individual fileserviceSpecial requestson request
Individual fileserviceFine tuning59
Individual fileserviceRescaling of MAP/MAF/Injector/Fuelpump/other150
Individual fileserviceCatalyst heating off120
Individual fileserviceMAF off80
Individual fileserviceLimited Mappack180

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