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Revised Tuning Files – Porsche / Audi / Ford / Mercedes Benz

Revised Tuning Files & New Tuning Files

Revised Tuning Files

-VAG 1.2 TDI DCM3.7 Stage1,2 EGR off, DPF off – revised tuning files

-Porsche Macan SDI10-10.2 Stage1 – new

-Audi 3.0 TFSI Simos 16 – Stage1,2 – new

-Ford 1.5 Ecoboost – Stage1,3 – new

Ford Mustang 2.3 Ecoboost – MED17.0 – Stage1,2,3 revised tuning files

-Ford Focus 2.3 RS MED17.0 – Stage1,2,3 revised files

-VAG 2.0 TSI Simos 18 – Stage1,2,3 revised files

-Paccar MX13 – Stage1, ECO revised files
Mercedes Benz 63 AMG S 4.0 MED17.7.x – Stage1,2,3 revised files

-Mercedes Benz 63 AMG 5.5 MED17.7.x – Stage1,2,3 revised files

Frequently Asked Questions about the tuning file services

What kind of service does your file service provide?

We offer stages 1, 2, 3 and 4, various sensors deletion such as DPF and EGR off, pop&bang and much more. For a complete overview of our services, please check our price list.

Who can use the file service?

The tuning file service is for professional tuners, car mechanics and car enthusiasts and is available 24 hours per day and 7 days per week.

Is the file checksum corrected?

This depends on the tool you are using. Most quality tools on the market have an inbuilt checksum correction capability.

If your tool does not correct checksum and you want us to do it for you in the tuning file, then please specifically request this when uploading the file on our portal.