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Torque Monitoring Issues – 3 type of solutions

Torque Monitoring Issues

Torque Monitoring Issues

We noticed many customers are struggling with torque monitoring issues after tuning a car.

We offer 3 kinds of solutions for this:

  1. deactivation of torque monitoring system
  2. deactivation of torque monitoring errors P061a P061b, etc.
  3. calibrating torque monitoring system so it matches the new torque request, many times also correcting to realistic torque request. This solution is the most time-consuming solution and is obviously the best way to deal with this problem, exactly like OEM does.

This torque performance calculation issue often happens on:

The notorious Mercedes Benz Delphi DCM3.2, CRD2, CRD3,

But also new Bosch Honda EDC17CP06, Ford EDC17C10, Maserati/Jeep EDC17C79, Suzuki/Fiat EDC17C49, Nissan/Renault edc17c84, Land Rover EDC17CP11, Mercedes Benz EDC17C66 and more.

Contact us for the possibilities. the solution depends per ECU type!

How do we develop tuning files:

– ECU architecture is investigated by reading Funktionsrahmen
– Original ECU file is investigated by using Damos A2L or Super Mappack
– Chip tuning files are made and intensively tested and logged on the dyno and road
– Many tuning files get revised over time. We aim for perfection

What you can expect from our Tuning File service

  • High-quality chip tuning files
  • Real-time tuning file Service
  • Daily growing EVC reseller database
  • Automatic tuning file service 24/7 instant download
  • Real-time technical support
  • Most files developed & longterm tested on loaded 4X4 dynamometers
  • Limited and Super Mappacks
  • Support for many master and slave tools
  • Free independent advice on everything involving ECU tuning files and tuning

Get the best ECU Tuning Files. Register for free to our portal, upload your ECU file and wait just a few minutes to get a perfectly tuned file!