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EDC17C70 optimization w/o disabling all DTC

EDC17C70 Optimization

If you are trying to tune a vehicle with an ECU EDC17C70 (usual vehicles made by Ford), most solutions require you to turn off all DTC. This can be very dangerous since DTC errors have their safety purpose of letting you know when there is something wrong with the car. Disabling them means you cannot get information about errors. This is why many people choose not to tune their cars with this ECU.

However, now you can!

We have developed a way to tune the EDC17C70 ECU without disabling DTC errors, so you can enjoy both the safety and the power increase.

It is important to note that even perfectly performed tuning with disabling all DTC can create problems later. Let’s say something completely unrelated to tuning malfunctions and the car needs servicing. DTC would inform you about this. However, if you turn all DTC off, you will not get the information about the malfunction and it can cause major damage to your car or even make the car completely unsafe.

This is why this solution of ours is just perfect for anyone who wants to work on EDC17C70 ECU. Contact us and enjoy readily available top-class tuning.

Fortunately we are still fully operational during COVID-19 crisis. Your files are welcome. Stay safe friends!