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BMW M140i Cold Start Off Tuning File – MG1CS003 ECU

BMW M140I MG1CS003 Cold start off

BMW M140I MG1CS003 Cold start off

The Bavarian manufacturer introduced to the market BMW 1 Series as compact passenger cars in 2004. Currently, their second generation is being produced. In 2007, the first generation was also enriched with a coupe and convertible body. A few years later he gave up on them, creating on this basis the 2 series, with which the BMW 1 Series - available today only as a three or five-door hatchback - divides the floor plate.

The most important argument that significantly increases the quality of the BMW M140i is the engine. Other versions of the Series 1 can have under the hood two-liter gasoline and diesel engines with 150 hp, 184 hp, 224 hp. Only the top version of the Series 1 is equipped with a six-cylinder in-line turbocharged 2998 cm3 gasoline engine.
The power and torque of the BMW M140i are 340hp and 500Nm.
The engine works with an 8-speed automatic sports transmission, which feels best outside the city in Sport mode.

BMW M140I MG1CS003 Cold Start Off

We are proud to announce that ECUFILES team developed Cold Start Off tuning file for BMW M140i. This file works with the MG1CS003 ECU.  Cold Start Off feature is a great solution to get rid of annoying high RPM when starting a vehicle on a cold engine. It helps reducting the sound and emission level.

Right now you can get perfectly tuned ECU file that turns cold start feature off in the BMW M140i.


Safe Tuning Files

We are aware that behind the wheel there is a person who drives a machine. An expensive machine... That's why our tuning files are being developed with special and detailed care. Tuning an ECU file can be complicated and time-consuming. While we develop ECU tuning files for BMW M140i we make sure that our ECU tuning files are safe for the car and the driver.

The ECU (engine control unit) controls most of the important part of the vehicle, so mistakes are not allowed. Register and log in to our system to get professionally tuned ECU files for BMW M140i MG1CS003 ECU.

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