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BMW M5 Stage 3 Tuning Files – Very Powerful 1000 NM+

BMW M5 Stage 3 Tuning Files - Very Powerful Revised Tuning Files That Produce 1000 NM+

BMW M5 F90 (Competition) Bosch MG1CS201
Revised Stage3 Tuning Files. Very Powerful 1000 NM+

About the BMW M5 F90

The BMW M5 F90 under the hood generates 600 hp and has 750 Nm from 1,800 rpm, which ensure uniform thrust to almost 6,000. rpm. The M5 is not affected by the M3 / M4 family, where the second compressor comes into play brutally and without taking prisoners. Here you know what to expect. The gearbox is ahead of intentions.

Suspension even in sport mode - or also sport plus - doesn't let you forget that we run a comfortable limousine. Aluminum wishbones, additional struts or thicker stabilizers mean that the car cannot be thrown off balance. The car is always favoring the rear axle, which is equipped with an active M differential. Sometimes it happens to slightly break the grip at the rear - enough to build up the driver's ego, but not to scare the driver.

The powerful BMW M5 (F90) M TwinPower Turbo engine is controlled by Bosch MG1CS201 ECU.

Speaking of such an advanced car, we reach the cost of at least 128,789 euro. Competition is not particularly cheaper - Mercedes-AMG E63 is a matter of 123,660 euro, Audi RS6 is an expense of 124,116 euro. When it comes to performance and price, the BMW M5 meets all the needs.

BMW M5 Stage 3 Tuning Files For Bosch MG1CS201 ECU
Very powerful revised tuning files that produce 1000NM+

BMW M5 Stage 3 Revised Tuning Files

We couldn't be more excited!

We've been tweaking BMW M5 F90 (Competition) Stage 3 Tuning Files. After many days, we finally got an impressive result. Our team developed revised Stage 3 tuning files that geenerates massive power. 1000+ NM! That is almost insane! BMW M5 (F90) Competition in the original version was already an impressive machine, but with our tuning file this can turns into a beast. We mean it, a true beast!

When you upload our revised Stage 3 tuning file to your client's Bosch MG1CS201 ECU, your client will be shocked. The massie 1000 NM power is something that many BMW fans were looking for. Even tho your client will be a newbie and will not know what it means to have 1000+ NM of power, simply ask him/her: "do you want me to turn your BMW into a road beast?".

There is no other place where you can get safe revised tuning files with this power and perfect calibration. At ECUFILES we make sure, that we develop files to make you and your client satisfied! Simply login to our portal and get hands on the files that change the way your clients drive BMW M5!

Safe Tuning Files

We are aware that behind the wheel there is a person who drives a machine. An expensive machine... That's why our tuning files are being developed with special and detailed care. Tuning an ECU file can be complicated and time-consuming. While we develop ECU tuning files for BMW M5 F90, we make sure that our ECU tuning files are safe for the car and the driver.

The ECU (engine control unit) controls most of the important part of the vehicle, so mistakes are not allowed. Register and log in to our system to get professionally tuned ECU files for BMW M5 F90 with Bosch MG1CS201 ECU.

Fortunately we are still fully operational during COVID-19 crisis. Your files are welcome. Stay safe friends!