Mercedes-Benz Cold Start Off (Catalyst Heating Off)

Mercedes-Benz Cold Start Off (Catalyst Heating Off) for most Bosch MED17.7 ECUs available

Mercedes-Benz Cold start off - Catalyst heating off
for most of Bosch MED17.7 ECUs available

What is a Cold Start?

A cold start is nothing else than an attempt to start an engine when the engine's temperature is very low. The engine's temperature is lower than it's normal temperature often due to cold weather.

When you try to turn on the vehicle's engine in cold weather, the ECU increases the RPM to heat up the engine for an easier start. This is a normal situation for most of the cars. Even tho, increased RPM has it's a good side, it has an irritating side as well.

The increased RPM at the engine start when the engine is cold creates annoying sound and temporarily increases emissions.

Mercedes-Benz Cold Start Off
(Catalyst Heating Off) for most Bosch MED17.7 ECU

At ECUFILES.COM has developped for most of the Mercedes-Benz Bosch MED17.7 models cold start off / catalyst heating off solutions.

Many people want to tunr off the the Cold Start feature for many reasons. As mentioned above people want to turn off this feature to get rid of the annoying high RPM sound, to reducce the emmision. But, there is one more reason why many people really want the Catalyst Heating Off (Cold Start Off) feature.

When people modify their car and for example remove the catalyst and install a sport exhaust, the vehicle will give them an error. Because the car will try to heat up something that is not there. To get rid of those errors it's best to Turn The Calatyst Heating Off.

In our portal you can find Mercedes-Benz Cold Start Off tuning files. Simply upload your clients ECU file to our system and receive calibrated file that will turn the cold start feature off. Your clients will thank you for it!

With our Mercedes-Benz Cold Start Off / Tuning Files you can help your clients to get rid of annoying sound and keep the RPM on a low level soon after the car’s engine starts.

Safe Tuning Files

We are aware that behind the wheel there is a person who drives a machine. An expensive machine... That's why our tuning files are being developed with special and detailed care. Tuning an ECU file can be complicated and time-consuming. While we develop ECU tuning files for Mercedes-Benz, we make sure that our ECU tuning files are safe for the car and the driver.

The ECU (engine control unit) controls most of the important part of the vehicle, so mistakes are not allowed. Register and log in to our system to get professionally tuned ECU files for Mercedes-Benz with Bosch MED17.7 ECU.

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