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Breaking news DSG FART activated for SIMOS18.10 ECU

Breaking news DSG FART activated for SIMOS18.10 ECU


We have finally developed a DSG fart (gearbox crackle) file for SIMOS18.10, in this case for the facelift GTI (see video below).
The GTI is a very sporty car but the facelift version with the 7-Speed DSG gearbox, unfortunately, has no more farts during upshifting.
Some time ago one of our customers asked us to activate the DSG fart function for one of their own customers. We have succeeded partly, more info click here.
Recently another customer did the same request.
We did more investigation and finally, we were able to create a proper working solution. Only the engine (ECU) file needs to be modified.
For the following car, a proper file is available. (also available in only sport mode):
Volkswagen VW GOLF 7.5 GTI SIMOS18.10 5G0906259S SCG00A1000000 SCGA10 0002 (also available for the 5G0906259N SW version)
Our solution can probably also be applied to the following cars equipped with SIMOS18.10:
AUDI Q3 2.0 TFSI SIMOS18.10 5NA906259A SCG00A1000000 0004 
Porsche Macan 2.0 TFSI SIMOS18.10 95B906259F SCG00A2M00000 0006
AUDI TT 8S MK2 45 TFSI (2.0) SIMOS18.10 8S0906259N SCG00A1000000 SCGA10 0002
Possibly our DSG fart solution can be developed for many more models and SW versions equipped with SIMOS18.10. To check if we could apply our solution to your customer’s car please upload your files onto our file service.
Note: Customers who have master tools can get this solution (locked) for 220 credits.
Note: Customers who have slave tools linked to our master tools can get this solution (locked) for 120 credits.
Every week we develop new solutions which your customers can benefit from. Our prices are one of the most competitive out there, especially f you compare the quality and fine tuning support we offer to our customers.
For any questions you can contact us at:
Skype: ecufiles
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