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BMW G30 520D MD1CS001 AdBlue Off

We recently had a customer with a BMW G30 520d equipped with an MD1CS001 ecu who wanted the AdBlue system disabled. After thorough research and testing, we were able to successfully disable the system, which has led to several benefits for the vehicle.

The AdBlue system, while designed to reduce emissions, can sometimes cause issues with the engine’s performance and fuel efficiency. By disabling it, we were able to increase the car’s fuel efficiency and power output. Additionally, it eliminates the need for AdBlue fluid, which can be expensive to maintain and refill.

However, it’s important to note that disabling the AdBlue system can have legal implications in certain regions and should only be done in compliance with local laws and regulations.

VehicleType = Passenger car
VehicleProducer = BMW
VehicleSeries = 5 Serie
VehicleBuild = G3x
VehicleModel = 520d
VehicleModelyear = 2017
Userdef1 = Alientech Kess
Userdef2 = obd
EcuUse = Engine
EcuProducer = Bosch
EcuBuild = MDG1_MD1CS001 MD1CS001
EcuProdNr = O_8LTC0-000046E8-002 B47D20O0-G3xB47O0_AWR_AT#S15A-17-07-504-FS (O_8LTC0-000046E8-002)
EcuSoftwareVersionVersion = O_8LTC0-000046E8-002 O_8LTC0-000046E8-002
EngineName = B47D20O0
EngineType = Turbo-Diesel
EngineDisplacement = 1.995
EngineTransmission = automatic
OutputPS = 190.0
OutputKW = 140.0

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