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Automatic file service 24/7

Instantly download high-quality tuning files

With our automatic file service you don’t have to wait to download tuning files anymore. You can upload your file, wait for 2 minutes and then download your tuning file immediately!

How to use the automatic fileservice

  • Login or Create an account
  • Once logged in, click on Fileservice (on the left menu)
  • Select Automatic Fileservice
  • * Make sure you have enough credits *
  • Select the stage you want
  • Click the Upload file box to select your file, or drag your file onto it
  • Click Upload to start the process
  • This process is automatic and takes around 2 minutes
  • If our robot engineer can make it, it will be shown in the result page
  • Download the file
  • flash it into the car, make sure your tool does correct checksum
  • Done!

No results? Then you can always forward  to the custom fileservice