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EDC17CP57 optimization w/o disabling all DTC

Our latest development makes EDC17CP57 tuning a lot safer, with a way to tune this particular ECU without disabling all DTC errors in it. This is an ECU used on various Mercedes vehicles and the fact that disabling all DTC was required for tuning it was the reason why many tuners and owners chose not to work on it.

This was a smart idea, since disabling all DTC is very dangerous. DTC are designed to let you know if there is something wrong with the car, so disabling them greatly diminishes the safety of your vehicle. It can cause significant damage to parts and make your vehicle very unsafe.

However, our latest advancement enables tuning of EDC17CP57 ECU without disabling these error codes.

It means you can enjoy top class tuning and performance upgrade and preserve the safety that comes with DTC information system operating properly.

If you want to work on a vehicle with EDC17CP57 ECU make sure you do that in the safest way possible. Contact us and make sure you use our services to your advantage.