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Introduction to tuning 
This is a guide for everyone who wants to learn everything about ecu tuning. If you decides to start a tuning business or you have a mechanic workshop and want to tune some cars this is the right place for you to start. This is a beginners guide for ecu tuning and will cover every aspect of tuning you come across during the tuning process. 
When you want to start with ecu tuning from scratch you will have to figure out a few things.
The three issues which you have think about first are:
1. Which tool do I need to buy to read and write the engine software of the engine ecu?
2. How do I read and write the ecu?
3. How I get a modified file for the ecu?
It doesn’t matter what is your level in experience or knowledge about electronics or engineering.
We will cover every subject and explain everything as simple as possible.
If your final goal is not tuning but you just want to learn working on the ecu because you're just interested in repairing ecu, disabling immobilizers, removing the DPF function in the ecu or closing the EGR valve. This might be the right place for you also. We will cover these subjects as well in this guide.
In the first chapter “Tuning basics” I will talk about the things you should know to be able to discuss the technical part of tuning with your customers. 
In the second chapter  “Engine basics” I will have a look at all engine parts which are important to tuners. I will give a very basic description and how they are affected by the tuning.
In the third chapter I will try to explain in best way I can how to read and write an ecu. Propably this is the most important chapter for most of you.
In the fourth chapter I will give an idea how a ecu file looks like.
In the fifth chapter I will to cover everything about making tuning files.
In the sixth chapter I will give some general information about dyno testing.
In the seventh chapter I will talked about the results of testing.
In chapter eight I will discuss everything about engine tuning.
In the neight chapter 

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