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Exhaust Burbles

Exhaust Burbles Tuning Files

Exhaust Burbles Explained

The name burbles is actually a slang name for a fuel cutoff, basically by adjusting the FCO delay and some other modifications that make your car feel different, sportier, and more aggressive.

Burbles is nothing else then PCM false exhaust noises on throttle shutdown combining lean combustion and retarded ignition that mimics the anti-Turbo So the Car Delay (ALS) system, also known as “Bang Return” but without anti-lag effect. The Ford Focus RS (2016+) is one of the more notable examples of burble cars with factory settings. Depending on the car owner’s preferences at ECUFILES we are able to create beautifully sounding Burbles. Of course, additionally, to ECU tuning for Burbles to sound really amazing, we recommend using a special exhaust pipe.

Safe Tuning Files

We are aware that behind the wheel there is a person who drives a machine. An expensive machine… That’s why our tuning files are being developed with special and detailed care. Tuning an ECU file can be complicated and time-consuming. While we develop Exhaust Burbles tuning files we make sure that our files are safe for the car and the driver.

The ECU (engine control unit) controls most of the important parts of the vehicle, so mistakes are not allowed. Register and log in to our system to get professionally tuned ECU files!

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