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Tuning File DPF Off

Disabling diesel’s particulate filter

What is a DPF filter?

DPF Off is a term that refers to the elimination of the Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF), an action that is done to avoid the damage that a clogged DPF can cause to the engine. The removal of the DPF is done since, in addition to limiting the vehicle in terms of power and fuel economy, it usually gets dirty causing the vehicle to not be used for several days and can even be damaged in such a way that it must be replaced. In this sense, in a car with DPF Off (DPF removed), the computer system is configured to work without it.

DPF OFF – ECU Tuning

We offer a comprehensive service of disabling / deactivating particulate matter (DPF) in passenger cars and delivery vans by introducing changes to the ECU main computer program along with the physical removal of the filter structure from the exhaust system.

After our modifications the vehicle not only will it regain power, but it can also gain even several HP more.The vehicle also will start to burn less fuel (an open filter creates less resistance to the exhaust gases exhaled to the outside).

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