EGR Removal


What is EGR for?

The purpose of using the EGR valve is to reduce the oxygen content in the air supplied to the combustion chamber, thus lowering the temperature and slowing down the combustion process and reducing the emission of nitrogen oxides (NOx). The effect of reducing the amount of oxygen in the combustion chamber is achieved by adding an appropriate portion of exhaust gas to the intake system, which, in a simplified manner, pollutes the air supplied to the chamber.

How does an EGR work?

Describing schematically, in engines equipped with an EGR valve, the exhaust and intake systems are connected by a relatively narrow pipe that allows a small portion of exhaust gas to flow to the intake manifold. The EGR valve is part of this line that decides whether the exhaust gas is to be delivered to the intake, when and how long it should take. The first EGR valves were pneumatically controlled and did not smoothly regulate the amount of exhaust gas entering the intake - they just opened or closed. Newer devices with electromagnetic control open smoothly, in any range, regulating precisely the portion of exhaust gas that is to go to the combustion chamber at a given moment.

Symptoms of problems with the EGR

Since the most common contamination and problems with exhaust gas flow to the intake system, an appropriate message appears in the form of a check engine indicator on the instrument panel. There is also a problem with getting the engine full power, as the clogging of the EGR valve is associated with severe contamination of the intake manifold. If the EGR valve is stuck closed, the exhaust system normally makes itself felt and the computer has a fault log in that area. Besides, the driver will not feel anything that can directly affect the operation of the engine. Most often, however, the valve sticks in the open position, and this is associated with very noticeable symptoms, such as uneven engine idling, difficulties with smooth acceleration and difficult starting of a cold engine.

Is an EGR necessary and can it be removed or plugged?

Often, users, especially older vehicles, decide to "finally solve the problems" with the EGR valve, blind it, turning it off by appropriate changes in the controller software or even removing it and replacing it with the so-called bypass element. The question remains: are these really good solutions?

Opinions on such modifications are different, but usually positive, because this is what users say. Those for whom such action caused more problems than benefits do not boast about it on internet forums. Meanwhile, people who have decided to blind the EGR valve praise their engines for a higher work culture, lower fuel consumption and better performance.

The elimination of the EGR valve from the engine should actually be completed by writing a new program for the ECU. Each computer has an EGR valve in the engine operation process, we have sensors that affect the valve operation. You can't just remove it and hope that it will have only positive results.

At we take care of the EGR error problems. EGR removal is not a complicated process, however need the ECU adjustments. Send us the ECU file and we will get rid of any errors and problems cause by EGR removal process.

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