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Gearbox List Citroen

BrandModelVersionEngineEngine TypeFuelCVHYBrand ECUMCUECU TypePortal
CitroenC-Crosser(I4)2200 HDI4HN (DW12MTED4)Diesel1562008GETRAGSPS6 REGISTER
CitroenC-Crosser(I4)2200 HDI4HN (DW12MTED4)Diesel1562008GETRAGW6DGA REGISTER
CitroenBerlingo(B9)1200 THPHNZPetrol1102015ZFTC1782 REGISTER
CitroenC-Elysee(I)1200 E-VTiHMZPetrol822014ZFTC1782 REGISTER
CitroenC1(B4)10001KRPetrol682014ZFTC1782 REGISTER
CitroenC1(B4)1200 VTiHMZPetrol752015ZFTC1782 REGISTER
CitroenC3(A51)1200 VTiHMZPetrol822014ZFTC1782 REGISTER
CitroenC4(B71)1200 THPHNZPetrol1102015ZFTC1782 REGISTER
CitroenC4 Cactus(I)1200 THPHNZPetrol1102014ZFTC1782 REGISTER
CitroenC4 Grand Picasso(B78)1200 THPHNZPetrol1102015ZFTC1782 REGISTER
CitroenDS3(A55)1200 VTiHMZPetrol822014ZFTC1782 REGISTER
CitroenDS3(A55)1200 THPHNZPetrol1102014ZFTC1782 REGISTER

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