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Original ECU files for a large number of models all in one place. If you are looking for an original ECU file, we have it here. Search by model, make, generation or engine and download original ECU file with reliable 24/7 service. You can find the same information that the most revered tuners are using and that for diesel and petrol engines, different generations and models. The information includes model, ECU type, hardware and software numbers. You can also download original ECU files and find information on our tuning services for that particular model.
Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find Original ECU Files?

You can find original ECU files under a specific brand above or you can choose a specific brand, series, model, and engine through our car selector. We offer original ECU files for almost all modern cars.

How can I download Original ECU files?

The process of downloading original ECU files is very simple. First, you need to register to our portal for free, click on Individual file service, and then under tuning type select "Original ECU File".

How fast can I receive the file?

We usually proceed with all files within 30 minutes.

How much does it cost to receive Original Tuning File for my vehicle?

We offer all original tuning files for as low as 10 credits.

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