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CMD Flash Slave + Tuning File Price Deal


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If you are looking for a reliable and versatile Slave tool, then the CMD Flash is one of the best choices.
It is a tool that allows reading and writing of content and it supports BDM, EOBD K-LINE, EOBD CAN-BUS, and EOBD PWM, which enables tuning of the latest ECUs and adds automatic checksum correction for all ECUs.

For BDM tuning you need to connect to the ECU after you have taken it out from the vehicle. Luckily, connecting is easy, as ECUs have a connector that enables easy access.

If you have Map3d software, this tool can be used as a plugin. However, it can also be used as a standalone tuning tool. It enables reading and writing Eprom, serial e2prom, and internal firmware.

All of the data collected from the ECU is stored in one file and you can also add additional information such as the manufacturer of the car, specific model, license plate, VIN, customer’s name, or any data you might want to add. When working on a great number of vehicles, this is a major benefit.

A very beneficial feature is the possibility to restart the program operation and enable starting the car even after installing a bad tuning or an interruption during writing. This greatly improves the safety of the process and gives you peace of mind.

The following items are included:

  • VAG FRF/ODX/SGO flasher
  • BOOT/Bench Interface for all supported processors ST10, C167, RENESAS, TRICORE, TC29x, MPC5777.
  • BDM – MPC5xx
  • Read and write crypted files only
  • All accessories included for OBD, boot and bench
  • High current Power supply suitable for BOOT – Bench and BDM
  • One year free subscription ( value 1056€)



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