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Chiptuning files

Normally aspirated petrol engines



We provide tuning files for normally aspirated petrol (gasoline), be aware of the fact that gains are low and the extra power is only possible in high rpm and we can raise in the rpm limiter as well. With some cars it is interesting to remove the hole in the power curve

Tuning files for super carsĀ 



We have much experience with chiptuning nice sport cars, last year we have done the Ferrari 458, Lamborghini Gallardo, Porsche 911 turbo, Audi R8 and Nissan GTR.
We can make tuning file for these cars we approximately

Upgrading down tuned cars
Down tuned by manufacturer car Mini One -> Mini Cooper
Speed limiter

Turbocharged petrol (gasoline)

Tuning file for petrol engine running on different octaan rating
We can set up a tuning file for different qualities of fuel.
RON 95 to 102 or 85 to 95 AKI

The higher the octane number, the more compression the fuel can withstand before detonating.
Higher RON number does not means that it is more powerful. It means that it is harder to ignite.
Octane number or octane rating refers to the gasoline ability to withstand auto ignition (knocking) inside the engine. Higher octane number refers to higher ability of the oil to fight auto ignition. In other words, it means that RON95 is harder to ignite compared to RON92.

Higher RON number does not means that it is more powerful. It means that it is harder to ignite. It is also cost you more. It is a misunderstanding to think that RON97 fuels produce more power than RON92 fuels, even more so with the fact that in reality a higher RON number means the fuel burns less easily! RON refers to the ability of the fuel to resist knocking and nothing else.

Maximum power, you will need a dyno and good diagnostic equipment to measure turbo pressure, lambda value, knock detection and exhaust temperature. Be aware that the maximum power gain is finally limited to the combustion flow and this means that a lot of gains people are offering is definitely not possible.
People offering this lack the essential knowledge about petrol engines.

Turbocharged diesel engines
Tuning files for turbocharged diesel engines
Because we have a good understand of the architecture of the ecu software we offer DPF removal files and EGR removal files as well.