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The ECUFILES.COM tuning file service

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You can choose from three different files services:

- 24/7 automatic tuning file service

- EVC Winols reseller database

- Custom tuning file service
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24/7 automatic tuning file service

The output from our automatic tuning file service is the biggest tuning file service in the world. The possibilities of this file service are rapidly growing due to an intelligent algorithm and  the use of machine learning. If the automatic file service is not able to give a reply for a stage 1 tuning file, the request is automatically redirected to the custom file service and we will make a custom tuning file for free.

EVC Winols reseller database

Ecufiles.com is an authorized reseller, if you have a legit version of Winols you can connect to our project database. New projects are added to database every week. All modifications in the database are dyno tested & adjusted according data logs.

Custom tuning file service

You can upload any request at the custom tuning file service you want, even if it does not have any special requirements and is just a stage 1 tuning file. However the custom tuning file service is also usable for combination files (eg. stage1 + dpf off) or special requests.

How to use the tuning file service?

Step 1

Create your account for free

Enter your details and start uploading within 5 minutes

Step 2

Upload the original file

You can choose from three services:
- 24/7 automatic tuning file service
- EVC Winols reseller database
- Custom tuning file service

Step 3

Buy credits

We offer many payments options like
Creditcard, PayPal, Wire Transfer & more


Step 4

Download the tuning file

- Automatic tuning file service available within 2 minutes
- Winols OLSx reseller database directly available
- Custom file service 20 minutes average

Frequently Asked Questions about the tuning file services

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What kind of service does your file service provide?

We offer stages 1, 2, 3 and 4, various sensors deletion such as DPF and EGR off, pop&bang and much more. For a complete overview of our services, please check our price list.

Do you give support?

We give instant support on all three file services during opening hours. We understand that when you have your customer in the workshop you need direct support.

How long does it take before I get the modified file back?

This depends on which file service you are using
- For automatic tuning file service the new file is available within two minutes
- WinOLS OLSx reseller database is directly available
- For custom file service, the new file is usually available within 20 minutes

Who can use the file service?

The tuning file service is for professional tuners, car mechanics and car enthusiasts and is available 24 hours per day and 7 days per week.

What tools do you support?

We give support for every tool on the market. We use the tools of Flashtec-CMD and Alientech on a daily basis. Other tools from EVC and Byteshooter are used occasionally. Tuning files are not unique to or tied to any particular tuning tool, remap or operating system. But please let us know if your tool has a checksum correction capability and if you are planning to use this.

Where can I find ECU remap files tools?

We are doing most dificult part of the remap files calibrations. The physical tools that will help you connect the ECU and upload the files you can find at https://tuningtoolshop.com. These tools together with our ecu remap file service will help you provide best tuning service for your clients.

Is the file checksum corrected?

This depends on the tool you are using. Most quality tools on the market have an inbuilt checksum correction capability.

If your tool does not correct checksum and you want us to do it for you in the tuning file, then please specifically request this when uploading the file on our portal.

Can ECU remap files be download or will it be send to me?

You will be able to find ecu remap files download link at our portal after we modify your original file. You will receive an email that ECU remap file service is done and that file is rady for download.

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