Tuning Files For HPTuners

HPTuners Tuning Files With ECUFILES

Tuning Files For HP Tuners

We offer custom chip tuning service for hptuners users by one of our leading engineers. We are now able to modify .hpt files.

This is the format that HPtuners uses.

Just read your car using your MPVI2+ and send us your file.
We can modify it as you wish on most vehicles.

Many different tuning types are possible:

Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3

Gearbox Tuning

Pops and Bangs


Catalyst OFF

ECO Tuning


Cold Start Off

Vmax Speedlimit

DSG Fart


Immo OFF

DTC off

and more…

HPTuners Ecufiles Tuning Files
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Ecufiles Pro Calibration

Many years of engine and gearbox calibration experience gave us an opportunity to work on various vehicles and various tuning files, including the .hpt files that are used by HPTuners tools.

HPTuners tools are mostly used in the USA but our tuning engineers are ready to calibrate .htp files for stage 1,2,3, catalyst OFF and more for vehicles outside of the USA as well.

Using your MPVI2+ tool, you can easily upload files that we calibrate for you and feel confident that all your requests will be met. Since our professional tuning engineer is working on .hpt files daily (for vehicles in the USA), you can request any ECU & TCU modifications that are available for the specific vehicle.

Our Tuning Files for HPTuners tools are safe, modified with special care for details, and tested. You don’t have to struggle anymore with ECU files calibration. Let our engineer handle the .hpt files and your client’s tuning request. As always our team offers full support and fast tuning file delivery.

What is the MPVI2+?

It is an OBDII interface tool that connects VCM Suite to your vehicle’s various control modules. Used mostly in the USA with MPVI2+ tool you can diagnose and clear trouble codes, monitor vehicle performance, or read from various vehicle control modules. With the power of MPVI2+, you can also optimize vehicle performance, fuel economy, and more. License and tune any vehicle currently supported by HP Tuners.

Tuning Files for HP Tuners


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What you can expect from our Tuning File service

  • ecu-check-orange-iconHigh-quality chip tuning files

  • ecu-check-orange-iconReal-time tuning file Service

  • ecu-check-orange-iconDaily growing EVC reseller database

  • ecu-check-orange-iconAutomatic tuning file service 24/7 instant download

  • ecu-check-orange-iconReal-time technical support

  • ecu-check-orange-iconMost files developed & long term tested on dynamometer

  • ecu-check-orange-iconLimited Mappacks

  • ecu-check-orange-iconSupport for many master and slave tools

  • ecu-check-orange-iconFree independent advice on everything involving ECU tuning files and tuning

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