EVC - BDM100
BDM100 - for Motorola/Freescale MPCxxx
  This method works only for ECUs with a MPC5xx processor, but works for all of these. It's necessary to dismantle and open the ECU, but this method allows you to program it as many times as you want. It does not depend on manufacturers and their ODB2 protocols.
Via BDM you can read all parts units in the ECU. This allows you to reset to the previous version, including the error log and the immobilizer as well as the cloning of ECUs.
While the handling is a bit more inconvenient because of the opening of ECU, this method is the sheet anchor that helps avoid the purchase of a new ECU.
BDM100 was developed by EVC which means that the entire know-how, the source codes and technical documents are in-house.

BDM100 opens the door to a whole generation of ECUs
After the security entries for the OBD2 programming get more and more difficult, a new possibility has come up for chiptuning of ECUs with Motorola MPC555 - 565.
This generation of Motorola processors contain 448KB - 1MB Flash memory. That memory cannot be read and programmed with an eprom programmer. Therefore it is possible over the so called BDM interface, which must be implemented on every ECU board. For that purpose there are mostly 10 solder pads on the PCB.
Alternative there are ECUs with 12 or 14 solder pads, which can be supplied with operating voltage over these pads.
The BDM100 connects these solder pads of the BDM port with the WinOLS PC over the USB bus. The BDM100 gets its operating voltage from the USB bus. The ECU needs its own supply voltage of +12 volts.
To connect the ECU the positioning frame BDM140.K with the corresponding probe BDM141 - BDM147 will be needed.
Currently these ECUs are successfully tested at the BDM100 ( new ):
Producer Name Example car Processor Eprom EEprom Probe
Bosch BMS-K BMW K1200RS MPC562 M58BW016 - BDM143
Bosch EDC16 VAG, BMW, MB, PSA MPC556 AM29BL802 ST95320 BDM143
Bosch EDC16+ PSA, BMW MPC562 M58BW016 ST95160 BDM143
Bosch EDC16+ VAG MPC564 M58BW016 ST95320 BDM143
Bosch EDC7 MAN, Iveco MPC556 - ST95640 BDM143
Bosch ME9.0C Volvo, Ford Focus ST MPC562 M58BW016 ST95080 BDM143
Bosch ME9 BMW BMW R4 + V8 MPC555 2 x 28F800F3 ST95160 BDM143
Bosch ME9-2 BMW BMW R4 + V8 MPC564 M58BW016 - BDM143
Bosch ME9-3 BMW BMW R4 + V8 MPC564 S29CD016 - BDM143
Bosch ME9.7 MB MB 350, 500 MPC564 M58BW016 ST95160 BDM143
Bosch MED9.1 VAG VAG 2.0L TFSI MPC562 M58BW016 ST95160 BDM143
Bosch MED9.5.20 VAG VAG 1.6/2.0L FSI MPC562 M58BW016 ST95160 BDM143
Bosch MED9.7 MB MB  C350 MPC564 M58BW32FB ST95080 BDM150.L*
Caterpillar PPCCMF Massey Ferguson MPC555 - AT25640 BDM142*
Chrysler ETC5 Chrysler 300C MPC565 - - BDM149*
Deere L14 John Deere MPC554 - ? BDM149*
Delphi - Jaguar, Ford 2.0TDCI MPC555 - ? BDM142*
Delphi DCM3.2 MB, Kia, Ssangyong MPC564 ? ? BDM147*
Delphi - Isuzu Dmax MPC561 M58BW016 AT25320 BDM149*
Marelli MJD Opel, Fiat MPC555 - ST95320 BDM144*
Siemens MS45 BMW 6-Zyl. MPC555 AM29BL802 ST95320 BDM141*
Siemens MSS65 BMW M5 V10 MPC563 x 2 AM29BDD160 x 2 - BDM141* + BDM144*
Siemens MSV70/ MSS70 BMW 3.0i MPC563 AM29BDD160 ST95320 BDM141*
Siemens PPD1.x VAG 2.0 TDI MPC561 AM29BDD160 - BDM144*
Siemens SID201 Jaguar/Land Rover 2.7D V6 MPC563 M58BW016 ST95320 BDM141*
Siemens SID202 Ford 1.8TDCI MPC563 M58BW016 ST95320 BDM141*
Siemens SID203 Jaguar 2.7D MPC563 M58BW016 ST95320 BDM141*
Siemens SID204 Land Rover MPC563 M58BW016 ST95320 BDM141*
Siemens SID206 Ford S-Max MPC563 M58BW016 ST95320 BDM141*
Siemens SID803 Volvo Diesel MPC555 AM29BL802 ST95320 BDM141*
Siemens SIM266 MB A200 MPC561 AM29BDD160 - BDM145*
Siemens SIM2K Hyundai MPC561 S29CD016 - BDM144*
Siemens SIM90E Dodge Caliber 1.8L MPC561 AM29BDD160 - BDM141*
Siemens SIM90P Dodge Avenger 2.4L MPC561 S29CD016 - BDM141*
Siemens Simos 6.x Audi A6 2.4L V6 MPC561 AM29BDD160 - BDM146*
TRW EMS2 Volvo LKW, Renault LKW MPC565 - ST95160 BDM148*


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