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Audi 022997032B 6651 Original File

Information about the Audi 022997032B 6651 Original File
Hardware & Software Number022997032B 6651
File Formatsgo

Our File services are

  •  Stage 1 tuning file for original parts (cars, motorbikes)
  • Stage 3 tuning file for modification compressor-ratio (example: bigger turbo)
  •  Stage 1 tuningfile for original parts (cars, motorbikes - calculated file OEM quality)
  • Agri & Truck & Boat tuning files
  •  Stage 2 tuning file for modification inlet/outlet (example: intercooler, sportcat)
  • Eco tuning - Fuelsave files
  • Adblue off
  • Conversion to higher hp stock file ( Example: 316d to 318d)
  •  DPF off (including corresponding DTC if needed)
  • Pop & bang (on sportbutton)
  •  EGR off (including corresponding DTC if needed)
  • Rescaling MAF/MAP/Injector
  • Exhaust flap control
  •  NOX off
  • Problem solving - trottle reaction - too slow or too agressive reaction (also in case of parking)
  •  O2 lambda after cat off
  •  Problem solving - startproblems on diesel engines
  •  Vmax speedlimit on/off higher/lower
  •  Problem solving - ignition modification for using different octane RON/MON/AKI
  •  Combined files (example: tuningfile including Egr off) (combined files get discount)
  • Race-rally-dragstrip competition modifications (anti-lag, launchcontrol, hardcut-, softcut-limiters, turbo boost at start by delayed ignition, rich lambda for engine cooling, etc.)
  •  RPM Nmax limit higher/lower
  • Machine engine modifications
  •  DTC off (only selective DTC off, all other DTC's keep working properly)
  •  Gearbox tuning (limiters, shiftmoments at certain rpm or vehiclespeed, shifttime, problemsolving)
  • Catalyst heating off
  •  Launchcontrol
  • MAF off / Alpha N / Speeddensity mod
  • Sportbutton on/off
  • Reverse engineering
  • Limited map pack + tuningfile
  • DPF map pack + DPF off file
  • Super (Full) map pack - Damos A2L (big database available and counting)
  • Special requests
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