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How to use the tuning file service?

Step 1

Create your account for free

Enter your details and start uploading within 5 minutes

Step 2

Upload the original file

You can choose from three services:
- 24/7 automatic tuning file service
- EVC Winols reseller database
- Custom tuning file service

Step 3

Buy credits

We offer many payments options like
Creditcard, PayPal, Wire Transfer, Bitcoin & more


Step 4

Download the tuning file

- Automatic tuning file service available within 2 minutes
- Winols OLSx reseller database directly available
- Custom file service 20 minutes average

Tuning Files Service from EcuFiles.com

Custom tuning file service

  • High quality
  • Low pricing (from € 50)
  • Realtime support
  • Processing time around 20~40 mins
  • Many solutions
  • Special requests

EVC reseller database

  • 24/7 availability
  • High quality
  • Instant download via EVC
  • Low pricing
  • Fastest growing database in the world
  • Complete projects
    • Original file
    • Tuningfile
    • Finetune 1
    • Finetune 2

24/7 Automatic tuning file service

  • 24/7 available
  • High quality
  • Instant download (2 minutes)
  • Low pricing
  • Fastest growing fileservice in the world
  • Also for non WinOLS users

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Register your official company details and get our example/showroom tuning file Stage 2 for free:



CVN Bypass Service  for BMW and VAG +

28000 projects on EVC WinOLS Reseller Database

What you can expect from our Tuning File service.

High quality tuning files
Real time tuning file Service
Daily growing EVC reseller database
Automatic tuning file service 24/7 instant download
Real time technical-support
Most files developed & longterm tested on loaded 4X4 single roll dynamometers
Limited and Super Mappacks
Free independent advice on everything involving ECU files and tuning
Support for many master and slave tools

How do we develop a tuning files:

We use a mathematical approach to develop our tuning files
Most files are Damos A2l based
Our developed tuning file is intensively tested and logged on the dyno and road
No (prefix), we only use hex-editor and Winols to modify our files

We love the Nürburgring Nordschleife!


We love the Nürburgring Nordschleife. The atmosphere, the race track. Many of our files are tested on this german race track.

ECUfiles tuningfiles are Nürburgring approved.

What we offer:

 Stage 1 tuning file for original parts

(cars, motorbikes)

Stage 3 tuning file for modification compressor-ratio

(example: bigger turbo)

 Stage 1 tuningfile for original parts

(cars, motorbikes - calculated file OEM quality)

 Agri & Truck & Boat tuning files
 Stage 2 tuning file for modification inlet/outlet

(example: intercooler, sportcat)

 Eco tuning - Fuelsave files
 Adblue off Conversion to higher hp stock file ( Example: 316d to 318d)

 DPF off

(including corresponding DTC if needed)

 Pop & bang

 EGR off

(including corresponding DTC if needed)

Rescaling MAF/MAP/Injector

 DTC off

(only selective DTC off, all other DTC's keep working properly)

Exhaust flap control

 NOX off Problem solving - trottle reaction -

too slow or too agressive reaction (also in case of parking)

 O2 lambda after cat off  Problem solving - startproblems on diesel engines
 Vmax speedlimit on/off higher/lower  Problem solving - ignition modification for
using different octane RON/MON/AKI

 Combined files

(example: tuningfile including Egr off)

(combined files get discount)

 Race-rally-dragstrip competition modifications

(anti-lag, launchcontrol, hardcut-, softcut-limiters,

turbo boost at start by delayed ignition, rich lambda for engine cooling, etc.)

 RPM Nmax limit higher/lower  Machine engine modifications
 Gearbox tuning

(limiters, shiftmoments at certain rpm or vehiclespeed, shifttime, problemsolving)

 Catalyst heating off


MAF off / Alpha N / Speeddensity mod
 Sportbutton on/off  Reverse engineering
 Limited map pack + tuningfile  DPF map pack + DPF off file
 Super (Full) map pack - Damos A2L

(big database available and counting)

 Special requests


We supply files and quick  support for the following  tuningtools

CMD Flashtec Alientech
Dimsport EVC
Byteshooter Magic
Frieling MPPS
FGTech Beeprog etc.