ECU Chiptuning Files

ECU chiptuning files

ECU Chiptuning Files

ECU chiptuning files allow making modifications to engines' factory settings. Modern cars all have ECU ( Engine Control Unit ) which controls Anti-lag, Ignition timing, Launch control, Fuel pressure regulation, Rev limiter, Staged fuel injection, Transient fueling, Wastegate control, Water temperature correction and many more features.

Customers always look for improvement to their ride and this is where ECU chiptuning files create almost unlimited possibilities. At we can modify the ECU files to boost the power even on the slowest and oldest car that has the Engine Control Unit. Our engineers have many years of experience in modifying ECU chiptuning files, and we do if with passion and responsibility. We know that a small mistake can cause a chain reaction of problems that is why engineers pay attention to details.

On our portal you can find thousands of already prepared and ready to upload ECU chiptuning files, you just need to look for Automatic File Service but if you want more specific modifications and you can't find what you want in the Automatic File Service nothing to worry about. Our team works daily on Individual Tuning File Service. Over the years we got so good at ECU tuning that we can modify your ECU chiptuningfiles within a couple of minutes (on average is about 30 min).

When a client comes to your shop and requests Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 3, Pop and Bang, DPF off, NOX off, Catalyst off, or any other modification, we got you covered.

Simply REGISTER or LOGIN to our portal, upload your client's ECU Files, let us know what changes should be made and before you finish drinking coffee you will receive modified and ready to upload ECU chiptuning files.

We offer high-quality tuning files service to improve the driving experience of your clients

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What is Chiptuning?

Chiptuning - electronic tuning of a motor controller.

It aims to improve the engine parameters by changing the driver software itself (ready-made software, simpler, cheaper, and more risky tuning, widely available) or by using program changes on the basis of optimizing the engine's operation by adjusting its relevant content based on a precise measuring range. This is a chip tuning option that gives high security, high quality, and the best possible results.

Tailor-made chiptuning consists of making individual program adjustments or by an external controller. This best chip tuning option is preceded by precise load diagnostics, condition verification, and individual reserves of a given item. This chiptuning is based on a series of measurements in a dynamometer, road conditions, and tuner's extensive experience. The characteristic curves, maps, and limiters contained in the program are modified in terms of improving = increasing the power and torque of the engine, but the priority is to obtain optimal and safe parameters of its operation. By editing the program, you can change values ​​such as:

- max speed Professional ECU Chip Tuning files
- engine revolutions
- boost
- fuel dose
- ignition angle
- moment of the start of pressing
- injection time
- mix composition
- torque characteristics
- and many others (practically everything controlled by the engine controller)

The manufacturers of combustion engines leave a certain reserve of power and torque in both its mechanical design and control, e.g. through software. It aims to ensure the universal operation of the drive unit regardless of its operating conditions. Safe increases for "naturally aspirated" engines are approx. 15-40% of the original power (often mechanical changes are required to obtain increases higher than 7%, e.g. change of the air intake), for engines, "charged" from 15%, and even up to 60% of the nominal power.

Chiptuning also allows for savings on fuel. However, made in a responsible manner. not professional, without condition verification by chiptuning, without a precise measuring range, without power measurements can often result in a significant shortening of service life and not achieving the desired effects. On the other hand, tailor-made chiptuning is characterized by obtaining a safe way to improve power, torque, and fuel savings in an optimal and safe way for a given copy. In addition, it allows you to maintain life and even extend it.

Usage example :

Stage 1 (1998-2005) 79 credits
Stage 1 (2006-2015) 89 credits
Stage 1 (2016>) 99 credits
Stage 2 110 credits
Catalyst Off 59 credits
Pop and Bang 80 credits
Gearbox Tuning 120 credits
EGR off 59 credits
120 €(VAT Excluded)
100 credits
120 €
(VAT Excluded)

  • Stage 1 (1998-2005) 94.8 €
  • Stage 1 (2006-2015) 106.8 €
  • Stage 1 (2016>) 118.8 €
  • Stage 2 132 €
  • Catalyst Off 94.8 €
  • Pop and Bang 96 €
  • Gearbox Tuning 144 €
  • EGR off 70.8 €
240 €200 €
(VAT Excluded)
200 credits
240 €200 €
(VAT Excluded)

  • Stage 1 (1998-2002) 79 €
  • Stage 1 (2003-2012) 89 €
  • Stage 1 (2013>) 99 €
  • Stage 2 110 €
  • Catalyst Off 79 €
  • Pop and Bang 80 €
  • Gearbox Tuning 120 €
  • EGR off 59 €
600 €450 €
(VAT Excluded)
500 credits
600 €450 €
(VAT Excluded)

  • Stage 1 (1998-2002) 71.1 €
  • Stage 1 (2003-2012) 80.1 €
  • Stage 1 (2013>) 89.1 €
  • Stage 2 99 €
  • Catalyst Off 71.1 €
  • Pop and Bang 72 €
  • Gearbox Tuning 108 €
  • EGR off 53.1 €
1200 €850 €
(VAT Excluded)
1000 credits
1200 €850 €
(VAT Excluded)

  • Stage 1 (1998-2002) 67.15 €
  • Stage 1 (2003-2012) 75.65 €
  • Stage 1 (2013>) 84.15 €
  • Stage 2 93.5 €
  • Catalyst Off 67.15 €
  • Pop and Bang 68 €
  • Gearbox Tuning 102 €
  • EGR off 50 €
5500 €4000 €
(VAT Excluded)
5000 credits
5500 €4000 €
(VAT Excluded)

  • Stage 1 (1998-2002) 63.2 €
  • Stage 1 (2003-2012) 71.2 €
  • Stage 1 (2013>) 79.2 €
  • Stage 2 88 €
  • Catalyst Off 63.2 €
  • Pop and Bang 64 €
  • Gearbox Tuning 96 €
  • EGR off 47.2 €

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ECU - Engine Control Unit

An electronic device managing operation of the internal combustion engine.

It can cooperate with such sensors as lambda probe, shaft position sensor, camshaft position sensor, vacuum sensor, flow meter, coolant temperature sensor, intake manifold temperature sensor. Based on the information collected from these sensors, and data saved in the memory, the controller computer selects the appropriate proportions of fuel and air in the mixture and determines the moment of fuel injection into the cylinder, determine the moment of ignition(advance angle) of the mixture in spark-ignition engines.

Electronic injection engines use less fuel than comparable carburetor engines. The first electronic control of engine power supply was installed in cars in the early 80s. The engine with electronic injection is also safer in operation - the computer does not allow high shaft revolutions and automatically cuts off the fuel injection at given revolutions. The ECU controller also automatically selects the right fuel dose at low temperatures, which eliminates the need for the choke to start the engine.

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