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EVC Credits

Buy EVC credits and start downloading files.
Starting from 6 credits

EVC Credits Ecufiles

Follow these steps to connect your profile to WinOLS Database

Step 1

Login / Register to our portal

Step 2

Click on ‘Profile’ in the main menu

Step 3

Enter your EVC number in the WinOLS section

Step 4

Correct EVC number shows by a green checknark

Step 5

Click the Save button on the bottom of the screen

Connect your WinOLS database

Buying high-quality tuning files has never been easier!
Just connect your WinOLS database to our EVC WinOLS reseller database!

Popular services

Here a few examples of what you can buy with your credits. You can find the complete pricelist in your account.

2251 real customers worldwide

Guosong HuangQS RACING

I like your team. Because we have cooperated for 4 years.

- Thanks a lot for your compliment and for already working with us for the last 4 years.

Markou ConstantinosAntonis Markou Garage

I am very happy to meet you guys and I love working with you! Keep going !

- Dear Antonis, Thanks a lot for your compliments.

Frequently asked questions about pricing

We only work with credits since we have customers from all over the world and the credit system makes it easy to work with all the currencies equally.
We accept most of modern payments methods.
Yes, we do refund the credits for a file if optimum results are not achieved. Customers must be willing to test our reworked files before we refund. Since a tuning file a dependent on a lot of variables.
No. We accept only credits.
Yes! Credits are assigned to your account, so you can use it for any file you upload to our portal and it doesn’t matter if the file is from same or different customer.

Do you have any questions?

Our support team is happy to answer all your questions regarding payments and credits. We are also happy to help you choose the right pack.

We walk the extra mile.
Full throttle to the solution

Continuously improving

We regularly make improvements to existing files.

Fast response times

We are easy to reach and respond quickly to all your questions.

Developed on dyno

Many of our tuning files are carefully tested on Dyno and road.