Turn heads and make a statement with our custom Pop and Bang tuning, designed specifically for the Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG (Bosch MED17.7.2)

How to tune your VAG EDC17C46

Porsche Boxster 2.0T SDI21 Pop & Bang Flames

How to delete unwanted diagnostic codes in EDC17CP44 ECU

Follow these steps to tune your Bosch me7.5 ECU for loud pops

Cold Start Off & Catalyst Heating Off Honda Civic 2.0T Type-R MED17.9.3

Revised Skoda MD1CS004 ECU Adblue Off, Dpf off & Egr off Solution

Mercedes-Benz G500 MED17.7.5 Stage 2 530HP 750NM

Revised Nissan MD1CS006 ECU Adblue Off Solution

World’s First Clutch Press Engine Auto Start Solution For EDC17C74

Stage 3 Project for Audi S3 Simos18 ECU & TTE470 Turbo Upgrade Generating 434HP

Switchable Pops and Bangs Now Available for Porsche Macan GTS with SDI10.2 ECU!

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