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Individual Tuning File Service

Tuning File Service

Custom Chiptuning Files

At our custom chip tuning file service, we offer many high-quality tuning files like Stage 1, Stage 2, Pop and Bang, etc. They are prepared individually for you. But, you don’t have to limit yourself to the standard file tuning only.

Since this is a custom chip tuning service, you can request any combinations of tuning (for example stage 1 + DPF off). Our engineers will modify each file individually, so while you upload your original ECU file through our customer portal, you can request any modifications.

Popular chiptuning files

Burbles >>

fuel cut delay + ignition retar…

DPF Off >>

Diesel particulate filter

EGR Removal >>

Gas recirculation

Hardcut Limiter >>

Cut fuel injection

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How it works


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Create your account for free. In our portal you will also find detailed specs of our tuning files.


Upload your files in our portal

Easily upload your ECU files in our portal to get started.


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Download your tuned files

Within a few hours you will be able to download your tuned files and upload them to your clients car

Frequently Asked Questions about the Chiptuning Files

We offer stages 1, 2, 3 and 4, various sensors deletion such as DPF and EGR off, pop&bang and much more. For a complete overview of our services, please check our price list.
We give instant support on all three file services during opening hours. We understand that when you have your customer in the workshop you need direct support.
This depends on which file service you are using: - For automatic Chiptuning Files the new file is available within two minutes. - WinOLS OLSx reseller database is directly available. - For custom file service, the new file is usually available within 20 minutes.
The Chip tuning Files is for professional tuners, car mechanics, and car enthusiasts and is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.
We give support for every tool in the market. We use the tools of Flashtec-CMD and Alientech on a daily basis. Other tools from EVC and Byteshooter are used occasionally. Tuning files are not unique to or tied to any particular tuning tool, remap, or operating system. But please let us know if your tool has a checksum correction capability and if you are planning to use this.
We are doing the most difficult part of the remap file calibrations. The physical tools that will help you connect the ECU and upload the files you can find at Tuning Tool Shop. These tools together with our ECU remap file service will help you provide the best tuning service for your clients.
This depends on the tool you are using. Most quality tools in the market have an inbuilt checksum correction capability. If your tool does not correct checksum and you want us to do it for you in the tuning file, then please specifically request this when uploading the file on our portal.
You will be able to find ECU remap files download link at our portal after we modify your original file. You will receive an email that ECU remap file service is done and that file is ready for download.