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WinOLS is the industry standard for modifying ECU software. Through the WinOLS application, you can easily adjust the ECU’s contents. WinOLS is designed for finding and changing maps, for that multiple options and tools are available. Over 40.000 tuning files are prepared and stored in the WinOLS database.

By being our client you get a big advantage because through WinOLS you can download our safe and well-prepared tuning files for your individual clients. Since we are tuning files daily and our database grows fast, you will be able to find 100% match tuning files for Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 3, pop and bang, and more.

If you are wondering how to tune your client’s file or you don’t have time to change ECU file’s data manually, our database becomes very handy. For sure your clients will appreciate you when you are able to tune their car within a couple of minutes, not a couple of hours.

Besides that our tuning files are safe, professionally developed, and tested, we are ready to help you. When you get a tuning file from our database, you do a small modification and for example, you get stuck by not being able to solve something, we are here for you. Simply contact us and we will guide you / help you tune-up that specific file.

Why Choose Us

Daily updates with the latest files

Dyno quality

FREE and 24h access

More than 40.000 files available on our server

Many files available (stage 1,2,3, dpf off and more)

Dyno developed and long term tested

Low pricing and highest quality

Tuning files for European, American and Asian vehicles

Fine tuning also possible on request at our individual file service

Pop and bang on sport button, Exhaust flap control

Catalyst off, Gearbox tuning and many more

Daily growing EVC Reseller Database

Many times we offer more versions of tuning solutions inside one project for the price of 1 tuning file

For instance: stage 1 Vmax off, stage 1 Vmax off & catalyst off, stage 2 Vmax off & pop and bang on sport button & catalyst off this will give you the power to offer your client more options and change options afterward.

For newbies: It will also help you to understand the ECU better and learn more about tuning by investigating the different versions in the project.

Frequently asked questions about WinOLS

WinOLS is a standard for modifying ECU. Through WinOLS application you can easily adjust the ECU’s contents. WinOLS is designed for finding and changing maps, for that multiple options and tools are available.
You can easily connect WinOLS software with our database by entering your WinOLS ID on your profile in our Ecufiles portal.
More than 40.000 ECU tuning files are available through WinOLS connection.
With over 40.000 tuning files that you can access right now, we have many options available. Stage 1, Stage2, Pop and Bang, Catalyst off, and many more tuning files. You can simply register to our customer portal, buy credits, and get a tuning file you want. You can buy 10EVC credits for as low as 100.

Connect to over 40.000 cars WinOls database

Login to our portal, connect to the WinOls database and get access to over 40k tuning files