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Guosong HuangQS RACING

I like your team. Because we have cooperated for 4 years.

– Thanks a lot for your compliment and for already working with us for the last 4 years.

Markou ConstantinosAntonis Markou Garage

I am very happy to meet you guys and I love working with you! Keep going !

– Dear Antonis, Thanks a lot for your compliments.

Marek BenešOMP Chiptuning

Hello, I have to say, that you are the best I met so far. My previous file provider was not great. I really wasn’t happy with arrogant support and very high prices. I wish I could work more, but I do chiptuning like my second job and it will be like this for few more years. After that I will open my own garage, so I hope that I could do more cars. Your files are really perfect, maybe you could upload more projects to winols reseller database. I’m registered user.

– Dear Marek, Thanks a lot for you compliments. We are very happy to work with you. We try to add as much projects to reseller as possible.


Hello I have been working with you for a while I feel everything is good, very satisfied Thank you

– Thanks a lot, friend. Good to hear.


Hello, first of all, thank you for always trying to help when a problem arises, you are open to solutions. perhaps the only thing is that when it comes to two similar cars, the electronics are very different from one car to the other, even though they are the same type of engine and ecu, otherwise we don’t have much trouble, in other cars when we have had a problem with the electronics when the vehicle did not work correctly or gave some malfunction, you have worked modifying the electronics and solving the problem. so little more , in the future we will continue working . Thank you

– Thanks a lot for your reply. We will keep working on our quality. The problem regarding similar cars is that sometimes the outcome of tuning differs even if the car, software version and tuning is the same. That is why sometimes we have different tuning files for 1 specific software version.

Kaitano MpulamasakaKaitronix

We have had some unsuccessful jobs and had to use other tuners. The good part is your customer service, engineers communicate well and refund is made when unsuccessful. Thank You

– Thanks for your honest review. I agree not all projects we did for you were successful. We will do our best to learn from it and solve most of your future projects.

Jeremy ColletReunion Tuned

hello, We have not been able to work more for the moment but we are already very satisfied with the result. We will soon have our DYNO and we will have the results in real life. My clients are satisfied with the work.

– Dear Jeremy, Thanks a lot for your review.We look forward to start working more with you. Yes a dyno will be of great help. We will help you the best we can to make your customers really happy.

Tuner mechanAutocraft Tuning

Ecufiles in my opinion is the best by far their web portal is super user friendly and they very knowledgeable and super fast

Fabio fromMasterTuning

I am very pleased to work with you. I’d rather have faster support but understand that sometimes it’s weird changes that take longer.

Hi Fabio, Thanks a lot for your review, it is much appreciated! Regarding your comment, for about a month now we have one more extra engineer available, at the moment we have a total of 5 engineers, so hopefully our support will be faster next time you use it. But yes, some projects do take more time.





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