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CMD Flash – Unrestricted Slave

CMD Flash
Unrestricted Slave

The CMD Flash: Unrestricted Slave is the new invention of CMD. As we all know, the CMD-Flash is a “flasher” whose purpose is to synchronize a large number of vehicles of the same brand. Its features include a large carlist, regular updates of compatible ECUs and, in addition, this tool allows the OBD to connect vehicle data from the control device in order to flash almost all OBD diesel vehicles in Europe and Korea. One of its greatest advantages is all data exchange in the OBD connector, which can be connected to read or write without opening or welding.

The CMD flash tool is available in the Master and Slave versions. In the standard Flash Slave configuration, a Slave can only read and write .dat files that come from its Master and these need to be sent to the associated tool. In this way, each Slave can receive and send files only in relation to its linked Master. Therefore, every time it needs to modify a car, it must read the file and send it to its respective Master.

This happens since the files are encrypted and the Slave cannot even see what is happening inside it as it would encounter a blurry image. It is not even possible to use the WinOLS software to write the file and then send it to the Master so that it is encrypted again and can be written in the ECU since ALL control is in the hands of the Master.

However, CMD has revolutionized its own tools and brought a groundbreaking possibility. This is the new product “Unrestricted Slave”. This innovative version of the most popular tuning tool in the European territory maintains all the security and protection measures for the Master who possess the standard products to which we are accustomed but it presents a great difference: With it, the Slave can send its encrypted file to any Master it wants. As the name implies, it completely eliminates the restrictions of the Slave.

As mentioned above, the Unrestricted Slave can read and write only encrypted files, because it contains the same safety features that the other versions have in order to protect the Master. But, with this original and extraordinary tool, Slaves can send and receive files to/from any of them. So, it breaks the restrictions!

There is no doubt that Flash CMD tools are some of the best on the market, especially when it comes to diesel vehicles. They are easy and safe to handle, in addition to being available in different versions, including one of Slave without limitations.

Some features of the unrestricted slave tool:
-VAG FRF/ODX/SGO flasher
-BOOT/Bench Interface for all supported processors ST10,C167,RENESAS,TRICORE,TC29x,MPC5777.
-BDM – MPC5xx
-Read and write encrypted files only
-All accessories included for OBD, boot, and bench
-High current Power supply suitable for BOOT – Bench and BDM
-One year free subscription (value 1100CHF)
-The unrestricted slave tool can send and receive files to/from any master

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