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Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG MED17.7.2 Loud Pop & Bang + Flames on Sportbutton

We’ve developed a loud with flames pop and bang sportbutton solution for the Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG equipped with a MED17.7.2 ECU.

Some background information: We had the pleasure of assisting a customer who had previously attempted to achieve pop and bang flames on sport mode only for their customers Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG equipped with the MED17.7.2 ECU. The customer had sought help from another company, but unfortunately, they couldn’t get it to work.

Upon receiving the challenge, we conducted thorough investigations and devised a series of test files. Leveraging our expertise, we made specific adjustments to the cam timing for both the inlet and outlet, and also increased fueling during deceleration mode.

After extensive tuning and testing, we successfully accomplished the customer’s request to ensure that the pops and bangs are exclusively available in sport mode. In sport mode the car bangs very loud and creates flames. In other modes the customer reported to be not the case.

We asked for a video but we haven’t received it yet from our customer. If we have the video we will update this post.

[WinOLS] VehicleType = Passenger car
VehicleProducer = MB
VehicleSeries = A
VehicleBuild = W176
VehicleModel = 45 AMG
VehicleModelyear = 2013
Userdef1 = Autotuner
Userdef2 = bench
EcuUse = Engine
EcuProducer = Bosch
EcuBuild = MED17.7.2
EcuSoftwareVersion = 537976
EngineType = Turbo-Petrol
EngineDisplacement = 2.0
EngineTransmission = dsg
OutputPS = 360.0
OutputKW = 265.0

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