Follow these steps to tune your Bosch me7.5 ECU for loud pops

Cold Start Off & Catalyst Heating Off Honda Civic 2.0T Type-R MED17.9.3

Revised Skoda MD1CS004 ECU Adblue Off, Dpf off & Egr off Solution

Mercedes-Benz G500 MED17.7.5 Stage 2 530HP 750NM

Revised Nissan MD1CS006 ECU Adblue Off Solution

World’s First Clutch Press Engine Auto Start Solution For EDC17C74

Stage 3 Project for Audi S3 Simos18 ECU & TTE470 Turbo Upgrade Generating 434HP

Switchable Pops and Bangs Now Available for Porsche Macan GTS with SDI10.2 ECU!

Unleashing Emotion Start(Startup Roar) on the Mercedes C43 AMG MED17.7.3.1 with Our Unique ECU Solution!

Audi S6 C7 2013 Stage 2 Catalyst off Pop and bang (above 3000prm) AK47 style with flames

Unleash the Roar with our Pop & Bang solution for the Porsche Macan!!

Audi tt me7.5 tuning guide

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