Switchable Pops and Bangs Now Available for Porsche Macan GTS with SDI10.2 ECU!

Unleashing Emotion Start(Startup Roar) on the Mercedes C43 AMG MED17.7.3.1 with Our Unique ECU Solution!

Audi S6 C7 2013 Stage 2 Catalyst off Pop and bang (above 3000prm) AK47 style with flames

Unleash the Roar with our Pop & Bang solution for the Porsche Macan!!

Audi tt me7.5 tuning guide

Renault Trafic Stage 1 +33 HP

Check out our pop and bang on Suzuki Baleno ME17.9.64

This is what our stage_1+pop and bang can do to a Ford Fiesta ST – 1.5T Ecoboost!!!


Idle speed mod Mercedes-Benz M class MED17.7.3

Meet the new ECUFILES.COM file service portal

Temic DQ250 Gear Indicator Display D/S Mode Activated

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