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Information about tuning

There is a lot of information and misinformation about engine tuning on the internet. However I couldn’t find any guide which covers everything about ecu tuning. Maybe one of the reason is that there isn’t a common name for “ecu tuning”. The English call it “remapping”, the Germans call it “chiptuning”, the French call it “reprogrammation” and the Americans call it “ecu tuning”. And you will find people who call it “power chip”, “diesel tuning”, “chipping”,  “efi tuning”, “performance chip” etc.
Another reason why there isn’t any complete overview is probably because ecu tuning isn’t something you can learn at school and a part of the information is just not public available.

Tuning Wiki

Whatever you might name it, what we will discuss in this guide is about increasing the power and torque of your engine by modifying the software of engine control unit. The reason why I call my tuning guide a wiki is because I really like the set up of wikipedia, I will try to do my best to resemble the structure of wikipedia. Of course I could have called it a tuning for dummies or tuning 101 as well, this makes it only less attractive in my opinion to read.

Subject not (yet) covered by this tuning wiki

Please send me an email if you think I have missed an important subject in this wiki. Subjects already in the pipeline you can see in the overview. Also new subjects like the Bosch
Of course I like you to help with everything related to tuning and ecu’s.

Errors or complaints

Please let know if you found some errors, I am definitely not faultless. Some subjects I tried to explain simple which hasn’t been easy for me and with some of my explanations I am not 100% happy. That is why I will be updating this wiki as much as possible. Besides any errors you could disagree with my point of view on some subjects. I am more then willing to discuss this also, in my opinion other insights could only make one better.