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How Does A Turbocharger Work And How To Keep It Working Properly

How Does A Turbocharger Work And How To Keep It Working Properly In the past, turbochargers were used only in sports cars. Now, turbochargers in standard passenger cars with both diesel and gasoline engines are not a surprise. We will explain how turbochargers work and how they are built. How does a turbocharger work? The principle is very simple. A turbocharger has 2 special impellers, which are located on a common shaft. The first rotor is mounted in the exhaust system and is powered by exhaust gases that come out of the engine. The second rotor can be found in… Read More

EcuFiles.com – tuning wiki

Information about tuning There is a lot of information and misinformation about engine tuning on the internet. However I couldn’t find any guide which covers everything about ecu tuning. Maybe one of the reason is that there isn’t a common name for “ecu tuning”. The English call it “remapping”, the Germans call it “chiptuning”, the French call it “reprogrammation” and the Americans call it “ecu tuning”. And you will find people who call it “power chip”, “diesel tuning”, “chipping”,  “efi tuning”, “performance chip” etc. Another reason why there isn’t any complete overview is probably because ecu tuning isn’t something you… Read More

Introduction To Tuning – ECUFILES.com

Introduction To Tuning This is a guide for everyone who wants to learn everything about ECU tuning - a proper introduction to tuning. If you decide to start a tuning business or you have a mechanic workshop and want to tune some cars this is the right place for you to start. This is a beginner's guide for ECU tuning and will cover every aspect of tuning you come across during the tuning process. When you want to start with ECU tuning from scratch you will have to figure out a few things. Introduction To Tuning 3 issues The three… Read More

ECU – Electronic Control Unit | Tuning Basics

ECU - Electronic Control Unit The electronic control unit (ECU) of the engine sometimes called the engine control unit is certainly the most important part of the car (engine) to tuners. Cars these days have many ECU's, besides the engine control unit, cars with an automatic transmission have a transmission control unit and some cars have a separate body control unit. Sometimes the functions of these ECUs are combined in one. All ECUs are connected to a CAN bus. This is a network inside the car which connects all the electronic control units, sensors and actuators. Controlling combustion Sensor Actuator… Read More

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