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BMW X5 50i 4.4 Turbo – Pop and Bang For Siemens MSD85 ECU

BMW X5 Tuning Files


We are happy to announce that tuning files for BMW x5 50i 4.4 turbo are available!

Turbocharged BMW x5 with the power of 300 kW (408 HP) at 5,500-6,400 rpm, a torque of600 Nm (440 lb·ft) at 1,750-4,500 rpm and 8-speed automatic transmission is a very powerful vehicle. Performance is impressive for such a large crossover, with good acceleration and superb driving dynamics. The X5’s chassis is well-tuned, allowing it to corner confidently and in a controlled manner, changing directions like a sedan. BMW x5 with N63B44 engineSiemens MSD85 ECU and turbo: 2 Garrett MGT22S was produced from 2008 to 2014.

At ECUFILES we developed perfectly matching

tuning files for Siemens MSD85 ECU

to give BMW x5 even more power. BMW x5 owners enjoy the quiet and smooth drive on eco mode, but at the same time, they can’t wait to release the beast on the sport mode. We developed tuning files for BMW x5 the way that on sports button, the power increases to 470 hp on stage 1 and 520 hp on stage 2. Also, the pop and bang is also available on a sports button.

ECU files for BMW x5 are professionally tuned and match perfectly with your client’s engine and expectations. Our goal is to help you provide the best service for your clients, that’s why after you register/login to ecufiles.com you will not wait long for the best tuning files. You can imagine how grateful your client will be after he or she hears clean but powerful pop and bang coming from their BMW x5!
Watch the video to hear the sound of pop and bang after our tuning files are being uploaded to BMW x5 ECU.

Our BMW x5 tuning files are available for:

  • stage 1
  • stage 1 on sport button
  • stage 2
  • stage 2 on sport button
  • catalyst off
  • pop and bang
  • pop and bang on sport button
OriginalAfter tuningDifference
Power408 hp470 hp+ 62 hp
Torque600 Nm700 Nm+ 100 Nm
OriginalAfter tuningDifference
Power408 hp520 hp+ 112 hp
Torque600 Nm720 Nm+ 120 Nm

These tuning files are available for all 4.4 turbos with Siemens MSD85 ECU, so you can use those tuning file for BMW X5 50i E70, X6 50i E71550i F10/F11, 650i F12/F13, 750i F01 and 550i GT F07. Usage of these tuning files is for engine N63B44O0 that was available until 2014. Since the newer engine N63B44O1 that is available from 2012 was modified to 450 hp and ECU was replaced with Bosh MEVD17.2.8 you can not use these files for the newer engine. When uploading the files to our system, make sure that your client’s engine is N63B44O0 with the Siemens MSD85 ECU!

Now, register to our system, upload client’s Siemens MSD85 files and get professionally tuned files that change the BMW x5 to a beast!

Fortunately we are still fully operational during COVID-19 crisis. Your files are welcome. Stay safe friends!