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Landrover Freelander 2.2 TD4 EDC16CP39 Stage_1 DPF EGR TVA Off

As a leading file service company, we recently had a customer who send a Landrover Freelander 2.2 TD4 with an EDC16CP39 ECU binary file. The customer was looking to increase the vehicle’s power and improve its overall performance. To achieve this, we delivered a stage 1 tune, which would optimize the engine’s performance without compromising its reliability.

In addition to the stage 1 tune, we also disabled the vehicle’s emission systems, including the DPF and EGR. This not only improved the vehicle’s performance but also eliminated any potential issues related to these systems. We also disabled TVA (throttle valve actuator).

TVA stands for Throttle Valve Actuator. It’s a component in the engine’s air intake system that controls the amount of air flowing into the engine. Disabling it allows more air to enter the engine, which can result in increased horsepower and torque.

VehicleType = Passenger car
VehicleProducer = Land Rover
VehicleSeries = Freelander
VehicleBuild = 2007 2010
VehicleModel = 2.2 TD4
VehicleModelyear = 2009
EcuUse = Engine
EcuProducer = Bosch
EcuBuild = EDC16CP39
EcuSoftwareVersion = 400356
EngineType = Turbo-Diesel
EngineDisplacement = 2.2
OutputPS = 140.0
OutputKW = 103.0

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