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Mitsubishi Fuso 12.9L EDC7C4 Stage_1

We have successfully increased the performance of a Mitsubishi Fuso equipped with EDC7C4 ecu. Our team of engineers has developed a Stage_1 tune that has significantly improved the engine’s power and torque output.

The Mitsubishi Fuso is a heavy-duty truck that requires a powerful engine to perform optimally. With our Stage_1 tune, we were able to increase the horsepower and torque output of the engine, resulting in a smoother and more responsive driving experience.

Our tuning process involves making precise modifications to the engine’s ECU, allowing us to fine-tune various parameters such as fuel delivery, start of injection, duration, and boost pressure. This results in a more efficient and powerful engine that is capable of delivering maximum performance.

VehicleType = Passenger car
VehicleProducer = Mitsubishi
VehicleSeries = FUSO
VehicleBuild = FU51JSL
VehicleModel = 12882cc
VehicleModelyear = 2008
VehicleVIN = FU51JS-00018
Userdef1 = KESS3
Userdef2 = bench
EcuUse = Engine
EcuProducer = Bosch
EcuBuild = EDC7C4
EcuProdNr = 0281020053
EcuSoftwareVersion = 1037386519
EngineType = Turbo-Diesel
EngineDisplacement = 12.9
EngineTransmission = manual
OutputPS = 280.0
OutputKW = 206.0

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