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Unleash the Roar with our Pop & Bang solution for the Porsche Macan!!

Revolutionize your Porsche Macan experience with our  Pop & Bang solution! Elevate every drive with explosive pops and crackles, perfectly tuned for adrenaline-pumping performance. Unleash the power, embrace the excitement – it’s more than a remap.

What is pop and bang

Pop and bang- refers to a phenomenon in car tuning where the engine management system is adjusted to create distinctive popping or crackling sounds from the exhaust system, typically during deceleration or when lifting off the throttle. and it’s often associated with modified exhaust systems for better feedback.

The sound is created by allowing unburned fuel to ignite in the hot exhaust system, producing the popping or banging noise. it can enhance the overall driving experience by providing an exciting and distinctive auditory feedback.


Porsche Macan

compression ratio: 9.6 : 1
Bore X Stroke: 82.5 X 92.8 mm

Technical data

Iginition maps

Ignition maps plays a crucial role in pop and bang solutions. A typical ignition map inside SIMOS18 ECU will look like this, we reduce the values in certain rpm ranges inside the map to delay fuel supply and spark at those rpm ranges, thus unburnt air-fuel mixture gets passed through exhaust pipe creating crackle or popping sound.