Isuzu Sumo 5.2L Transtron DPF and EGR Off

DAF LF Cummins CM2350A AdBlue and DPF off

Renault Kadjar MD1CS005 Start Stop Off

MB C200 MED17.7.2 Stage 3 Project

MB CLA45 AMG MED17.7.2 Extreme Pops & Flames

Chevrolet Camaro Delco E39A Stage 1 Burble

Crazy flames & Pops on new VW GOLF 8 GTI BOSCH SIMOS19.6 ECU

Crazy Flames & Pops BMW F20 135i MEVD17.2.6

Pop&Bang/Crackle (video) VW Golf 7 1.8 TSI SIMOS18

Stage 3 630BHP 657BTQ Huge Power BMW 750i MEVD17.2.H

Start&Stop Off VW Golf 7 GTE MED17.1.21

Popcorn/Hardcut limiter Mercedes-Benz C250 DELPHI CRD3

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